Kailash S. Purohit, PhD

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  • Simulation  and Modeling Heat,  Mass  and Energy
    Transfer Processes via Numerical Techniques
  • Microbiological Validation of Sterilization of Products,
    Containers, Seals, Equipment, Surfaces & Environments
  • Novel Chemical and Biological Integrators of Lethality
  • Non-Destructive Integrity Testing Container-Closure
    Systems for Hermeticity and Filter Effectiveness
  • Residence  Time  Distributions  for Homogeneous and
    Multi-Phase Products – Calculations, Normalizations,
    Verifications, Visualizations and Validations
  • Aseptic Inspections and Manipulations in Inaccessible
    Pathways, Locations and Enclosures including Aseptic
    Work Zones, without Breaching Sterility
  • Failure Mode Effects and Analyses, Process Parameter
    Latitude Studies and Reliability Engineering for Hazard
    Analysis, HACCP and HAZOP systems
  • Optimization of Microbial Inactivation, Quality Factor
    Degradation, Package Integrity and Economy
  • Designing, Developing, Validating, Filing & Auditing
    Aseptic Sub-Systems, Components and Unit Operations:
  • Product - Tubes, Coils, Scrapes, DSI’s and Filters
  • Package – Pre & Thermo Form, Form Fill Seal &
    Sterile Blow Mold
  • Fill & Seal – Sterility Maintenance of Work Zones
  • Closure – Laminate, Thread, Mold, Weld
  • Surface – H2O2, PAA, UV, EtO, Gamma & E-Beam
  • Gas – Filter, UV, Incineration & Generation
  • Pre-Sterilization and Maintenance of Sterility of
    Aseptic Tanks, Routing Valve Clusters, Enclosures,
    Cabinets, Tunnels, Sub-Systems
  • Independent, Competent and Professional Process
    Authority, with Engineering & Microbiology Perspectives;
    Recognized by Peers, Industry & FDA
  • Confidential domestic and international prior work -  new,
    upgraded and modified LACF systems, auditing, trouble
    shooting, compliance
  • Complete calibration, “as built” equipment and P&ID
    verification, microbiological validation, documentation and
    21 CFR Parts 11 & 113 filing and compliance services

When you must innovate with reliability, in matters of
safety, sterility and compliance, please consider a
professional with the right skills and expertise.

PROCESS TEK  -  Sterility by Design

 Process Development, Validation & Compliance
 Aseptic Process-Package Design & Operation
 Contamination Control & Maintenance of Sterility
 HACCP, HAZOP & Microbial Risk Assessments
 Deviation Analysis and Corrective & Preventive Action  
 Computer Control & Software Verification & Validation

 Sterilization Optimization
 Thermal & Irradiation Processes
 Labile Emulsions & Powders
 Selective & Differential Processing
 E-Beam, Microwave and High Pressure Processes

 Terminal & Aseptic Sterilization
 Dosimeter & Parametric Release
 Process Isolators & Biological Barriers
 HACCP, Sanitation & LACF Audits
 Process Authority for Low & High Foods & Juices