Kailash S. Purohit  received  his  PhD ('72, UMass)  
in Food and Biological Process Engineering and
worked under  the  late  Dr C R Stumbo  and  the
late  Dr M A Tung.   Kai has also  worked  under  
Dr I J Pflug's guidance.

Kai's experience includes (15) years at UMass,
General Foods,  Travenol Labs (Baxter) and Stork
plus over (26) years of consulting for the food and
drug industry.  

Kai specializes in sterilization process engineering
R&D and validation services for optimal aseptic,
thermal,  chemical, irradiation and non- thermal

Kai has special expertise in Bio-Validation,
Parametric Release, Process Isolators, HACCP and  
designing novel processes for sterile product and
package manufacturing, including microwaves and
high pressure processes, and differential and
selective sterilization.

Kai provides technical assistance for validating seal
integrity testers, sterilizing heat sensitive and labile
products, verifying software and controls for Part 11
compliance, and offers HACCP and GMP/FSMA
audits and training services.
Kailash S. Purohit, PhD

1 (847) 296 9312

1 (847) 922 6682